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Semi Retired Members

Once a Fezhead, forever a Fezhead, but here are a number of members we don’t see so often these days

  • Fuzzy Fez

    Previously known as Baldy Fez

    Fuzzy had an unfortunate experience during a rare planetary alignment whilst spraying his garden with MiracleGro in conjunction with a facing wind. He has a hair cut once a month and an exclusive contract with a soft toy and cushion stuffing company.

    Fuzzy Fez
  • George

    Proper Folky Fez

    George was quite a late joiner having served his time in other sides, but he chose to squeeze his box for the Fezheads for many years. He is still a well-known musician and accomplished historian. He appeared regularly for the Fezheads and was quite capable of dying on any stage he played on.

  • Marcus Kebab


    The Fezhead with the red and white striped top. Was guaranteed to play continuously for eight hours in every six. Durafez was one of our many principal perkuss...percush...pickus... drummers. An unlimited imagination resulted in him developing a complete drum kit that fitted into a suitcase. On the odd occasion when he didn't stop, we simply closed the lid.

    Marcus Kebab
  • Pete the Flying Cleggett

    Oh yes, he really did fly!

    Our only existing link from the days of Old Ned, Pete is his great grandson.

    Pete the Flying Cleggett
  • Scary Fez

    Well he sure as hell scares me!

    Scary is probably the most energetic of all the Fezheads and this accounts for his regular dozing to renew his energy.
    His body is so finely tuned that he can take his energy dozes at any time, in any place. Over a curry? No problem. On the team bus..definitely...Over his Beer? ... Well, there are limits.

    Scary Fez
  • Steptoe Fez

    He buys, he sells, he sells, he buys

    With his penchant for buying and selling of goods, Steptoe Fez was at the forefront of our entrepreneurial spin off company, that is, we sell t-shirts.
    You'll no longer see him exchanging your hard earned for our wares in his cheeky chappy style, but there are always others perfectly able to do so.

    Steptoe Fez
  • Tall Paul

    The man mountain

    The highest Fezhead known to man. Renowned for being able to keep order among the troublesome Fezheads, Tall Paul (whose real name is obviously Steve) dispensed summary justice when things went wrong. It’s not nice we know, but it is necessary, and you have been warned. Why is Tall Paul tied up in this photo? You may well ask, but we won't tell you. You had to be there!

    Tall Paul
  • Turnipo


    El Turnipo, or El (as he's known to his friends) was elected to furnish the Fezheads with an in-exhaustible supply of new blood. Failed abysmally and now drives a fast car and stuffs cushions.

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